Nœud jonctionnel

C’est le synonyme du nœud atrioventriculaire.

A ne pas confondre avec la jonction atrioventriculaire qui désigne à la fois le noeud AV et le tronc du faisceau de His [1]


[1] What to know about junctional rhythm ?

  • The AV junction includes the AV node, bundle of His, and surrounding tissues that only act as pacemaker of the heart when the SA node is not firing normally. As such, the AV junction acts as a secondary pacemaker.
  • Rhythms originating from the AV junction are called junctional dysrhythmias or junctional rhythms.
    • junctional tachycardia, with a rate above 100 beats per minute
    • accelerated junctional rhythm, with a rate of 60–100 beats per minute
    • junction escape rhythm, with a rate of 40–60 beats per minute
    • junctional bradycardia, with a rate below 40 beats per minute