Séquelle de nécrose et pacemaker

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Tzeis S et al. Electrocardiographic identification of prior myocardial infarction during right

ventricular pacing–effect of septal versus apical pacing. Int J Cardiol. 2014;177(3):977-81.

The most widely studied markers are the Cabrera sign, the Chapman sign, qR pattern in leads I, aVL, V5 or V6, qR pattern in inferior leads and notching of the descending limb of the QRS complex in the inferior leads [5–7].

In the total population, the Cabrera sign presented the highest specificity (97%) and diagnostic accuracy (62.2%), with a sensitivity of 23.6%. The Cabrera sign was the only significant predictor of a prior MI [OR = 9.9, (95%CI:2.8–34.5), p b 0.001], among all ECG markers. 

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