Calcium intraveineux

Le calcium intraveineux est recommandé pour le traitement de l’hyperkaliémie sévère (en construction).


Littmann L, Gibbs MA. Electrocardiographic manifestations of severe hyperkalemia. J Electrocardiol. 2018; 51(5):814-7

Intravenous calcium should be administered immediately during the follow scenarios:

  • Profound hypotension accompanied by acute QRS widening and axis shift
  • Hypotension, shock, widened QRS complexes and ST elevation in leads V1 and V2 (Brugada-like Pattern)
  • Acutely ill patient who presents with wide-QRS PEA
  • Non-shockable pulseless wide-complex tachycardia
  • Bilateral lower extremity paralysis or tetraparesis accompanied by a markedly abnormal ECG
  • (Eventually) Critical illness when the ECG interpretation software double counts the heart rate (signe du scope)

NB. On the other hand, peaking of the T waves in it usually does not warrant the use of intravenous calcium, insulin or adrenaline.