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Livres recommandés


  • Life in the fast lane. Site australien très complet sur l’ECG (entre autre) avec un lexique complet très utile et 150 exercices
  • Wang K. ECG Self-Study Book (62 $) –ECG Self-Study Book is a practical guide to help trainees interpret ECGs and recognise cardiac abnormalities. Divided into thirty sections, each part describes twelve cases illustrating a related set of abnormalities seen in different heart diseases, along with their interpretation. The book presents 400 practice ECG tracings
  • ECG Masters Collection: Favorite ECGs from Around the World 1st Edition. 230 exceptional electrocardiogram case  $81.08 (format kindle)
  • ECG cursus (Cardiocases)
  • Frank G. Yanowitz, University of Utah School of Medicine : Test your Knowledge
  • Hampton J. The ECG Made Practical 7e, 2019
  • L’ECG à l’ECN (payant 19,9 €)


Guidelines des Sociétés savantes de Cardiologie


Excellents sites web ECG

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